Wine tasting sheet

Vincent Delaporte

Vintage : 2009

Loire valley

Loire valley > Sancerre > AOC Sancerre Blanc

The wine is pale in a gold tincture.
Its noze is expressive caracteristic of a youthfull wine. In its bouquet, I can smell aromas of Lime, of Kiwi and of Boxwood.
Slightly fruity in the mouth, I notice that il est fresh, round and fat. It balances very well..
As a conclusion, it's a good quality wine which is ready to drink but can still develop (in date of : 05/06/2010).

Tasted the 05 / Jun / 2010 by JNS

Tasting Note


Color : Gold

Clarity : clear

Intensity : pale


Flavor Tags :Lime, Kiwi, Boxwood