Vinocamp 2012 in Champagne

I had the pleasure to attend for the second time the Vinocamp, I congratulate the organizers and sponsors for the event and in addition the great hospitality that the Champagne region offered through the Comité Champagne and the CIVC.

These two days were for me incredibly intense sharing, tasting wines and discovering. If I compare it with my first one two years ago, the event has taken on an extremely interesting turn because it brings together players and digital-vino vino less digital actors in similar proportion that have a desire to exchange permanently.

I had the opportunity to develop ideas arround elaboration of tasting sheets, their necessary differenciation to the consumer appreciation and the information technology like label recognition and qr-codes.

The morning starts very quickly, breakfast, briefing of the organization, sponsors, brief presentation of the vinocamp’s principle and everyone on the board to propose and choose topics.


Apparently workshops are a bit of a lottery in terms of topics, but I found very quickly the ones which I’ll attend to.

  • new models of online sales: an undeniable advantage in providing more services to e-commerce of wine ( WIT, storage for the client, promoting event) as opposed to sites more traditional.

  • QR codes: Solutions increasingly practical, fun and often free for the consumer, a tool for monitoring consumption and Customer feedback for the winemaker.

  • Need of Devirtualisation of online commerce ?: it is not necessarily desired by the consumer and its development in China’s service can be interesting to follow.

Tasting of Champagnes de Vignerons

This tasting allowed us to meet the winemakers of Champagne and some came already expressly to showcase their products. All the samples would not have been reasonable to taste considering the number of different products those I have tasted and remembered:

Evening Charles Heidsieck

An evening that begins in the idyllic garden of Charles Heidsieck and not Piper-Heidsieck his neighbor. We had here a rare visit of the chalk pits area is shared with 18km of tunnels with Ruinar, Veuve Cliquot et Taittinger. Our history tells us that these tunnels were dug by the Gallo-Romans just over 20 meters deep. Small molds on the walls of white chalks slowly grows in this 80% humidity and 11°C atmosphere.

The sodiums lamps gives a somewhat gloomy atmosphere but skylights reminded us from time to time the daylight. The Vinoteque of Charlie is impressivelly bright and contains treasures of bottles not disgorged yet even from before I was born! Anecdote told to me at that time, it could be that Charlie was the inspiration for the mysterious character of Charlie’s Angels. I’m willing to believe this myth.

Then, it is not less than substantially all of the range of Charlie’s Champagne that were offered to us during the tasting and it was a real treat to our tastebuds. The selection makes sense in its diversity, I must also say that a special effort is made to the food and service.

A Day at Domaine Tarlant

Well the next day, we had the pleasure of being hosted in by the Tarlant Family. Denis Tarlant (@denistarlant) guided us through the vineyards and told us stories of the soils/terroir between the hills on the banks and the Marne flowing below. This year the climate is a challenge, the current period is critical and he is hopeful to limit losses. We must also say that the last two years have been particularly favorable in comparison. We carried on the visit in the winery and tasted Tarlant’s Champagne.
I noted the followings:

To conclude, I thank for the talk full of fun with @VickyWine @Gregoire @FranckMerloz @Cavissima @champagnedehu @eWinesAPP @silgarfa @thechampagne @sandracizeron @sfwineblog and look forward to seeing you all in Savoy for the next vinocamp.

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