Unavoidable smartphone applications to taste wine better !

This week, Wine Pocket conducted a small selection of applications that would for sure appeal to wine tasters often connected to their smartphone!

Wine Notes

Wine Notes is an application for iPhone and Android that allows wine lovers to take pictures of the labels, scan barcodes, classify, record, share information on bottles tasted (as producer, the year the grapes …) and to establish a profile of the wine by evaluating its acidity, tannin, body and choosing the corresponding flavors from fifty icons suggestive.

Data can be backed up online, and exported, allowing access to it also when the smartphone is not connected to the internet. (Note that this export is especially convenient if you use a utility such as note-taking like Evernote)

The application fee is about Play Google€0.74 and free on App Store.

Social Grapes

This application looks more like a social network, a Facebook for wine as tasting like a cellarbook online: its relevance comes from the exchange between subscribers, comments and ratings from other members. You will need to follow other tasters appear to see a timeline their latest tastings.

If you like to share your thoughts with other enthusiasts, you will not be disappointed, Social Grapes is thought to allow you to do the simplest way possible. Simply identify the bottle you just enjoy (scan the bar code, evaluating the quality of wine on a scale of 0 to 5, add descriptive keywords) to add a photo, and publish the tasting which will also air on Facebook and Twitter.

Only negative points, the evaluation system of wine a little too simple for our tastes, an interface available in the language of Shakespeare, and limited compatibility with the iPhone (no Android version is currently being planned).

Hello Vino

Hello Hello Vino is probably the mobile application the best known in the world of wine connoisseurs. She is two years since the benchmark guide participatory wines, which have a large database of wines supplied by its users (via smartphone iPhone, Android, mobile website, SMS and even!). As a reminder, this application is of great help in many occasions (gifts, gourmet meals, parties), and recommends a bit like a wine sommelier similar to those you love.

As a wine taster, your comments will be found very useful. And also you will take great pleasure in many reviews of other tasters.

Hello Vino, virtual sommelier Hello Vino, virtual sommelier  width=


is not strictly speaking a mobile application, but a website that caught our attention, as the community of tasters is active in France. Created by Franck Merloz two years ago, displays on a timeline, latest tastings (Notice and notes) on shared social networks by members.

Simply add the tag to its tasting #wnote which is then republished on the site. It is also possible to add an image.

The most original and interesting is also the fun of the site: the more we share tastings, the more you earn points and badges originals, the colors of the different soils. This creates a little competition between the tasters the most active. Finally, also allows its members to keep abreast of the latest events on the wine world.

Having already made a small name in the French twittosphère could in fact, with all its small qualities, further gain importance. To discover them.


This post was written by Jean-Noël Schilling