Tasting of Loire wines with Manuel Peyrondet (11/06/2012)

The Tasting was presented and conducted by Peyrondet Manual (Best Sommelier of France 2008 and Meilleur Ouvrier de France Sommelier 2011)

We can recall that the Loire vineyards ranks third among the appellations of France :

  • First producer of white wine appellations.
  • First region AOC sparkling wines (excluding champagne).
  • Second producer of rosé wines.
  • 52,000 ha spread over 14 departments.
  • 2.9 million hl produced
  • Six major varietals: [var]Cabernet-Franc[end_var], [var]Chenin Blanc[end_var], [var]Gamay[end_var], [var]Grolleau Noir[end_var], [var]Melon de Bourgogne[end_var], [var]Sauvignon[end_var].
  • 69 Appellations.

Overall climate temperate oceanic region of Nantes and Anjou, Saumur in continental influence to the Touraine, Loire and its tributaries play a significant moderating role in promoting the existence of a myriad microclimates conducive to grape growing, the variety of soils Armorican sandstone, shale, granite or gabbro, flint (slate), metamorphic rocks and tufa chalk (Touraine) contribute to the wide variety of wines.

We tasted blind decanted two white wines and two red.

Tasting well-designed, which allowed us to get an idea of ​​the Loire grapes. Judicious choice of wine, with quality vineyards, all took place in a very friendly atmosphere. Many thanks to Manuel Peyrondet, we are looking forward seeing him again in September on a different theme.

Manuel Peyrondet

This post was written by Jean-Noël Schilling