Pocket Café featuring Dolci Bakery

Dolci logo When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!
At Pocket Cafe, we are doing even better, we are making CUPCAKES!
I am a firm believer that things in life happen for a reason, and a chance meeting with David Simpson, owner of Dolci Bakery, is proof of this. David was interested in expanding his Buffalo business and we were searching for ideas for our store. A coffee shop was already being discussed, and what goes best with coffee?

Delicious sweets!

As you all know, in February, Wine-Pocket was denied a liquor license and had to relocate from Broadway to Central Avenue. Our new location is perfect for a wine store and we look forward to opening soon. However, we also fell in love with the building on Broadway and didn’t want to see it go un-used. Click to like us on Facebook!
Dolci is a well known bakery and gelateria in Buffalo, New York. Their soon to be new location on Elmwood is in the heart of the popular Elmwood village. Dolci offers a variety of cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Only the best ingredients are used in their products and it is evident after you try one of their desserts. Old world baking techniques from preferments, to shaping, to baking are used to create their breads. Each step must be just right. Dolci uses the contemporary model for gelato; low fat, low air content and high quality ingredients as the base for these frozen confections. From there, seasonal fruits and vegetables balance the flavor. Soon their wonderful treats will be available at the Pocket Cafe for all of Lancaster to enjoy!
Cupcake from Dolci One day, while enjoying a cup of coffee at Dolci, I noticed a young woman and her friend. They spent quite awhile admiring all the beautifully decorated cakes and cookies. I chuckled at the look of pure joy in her eyes as she finally selected her cupcakes. A week later, I sampled a strawberry lemonade vegan cupcake, and I understood what all the excitement was about! Dolci’s cupcakes are out of this world!
Jean-Noel even thinks some wine will pair well with specialty cupcakes.
I’ve always been a fan of ice cream and never really cared for sorbet too much. That all changed one day during a meeting at Dolci. David was in the back area experimenting with a new recipe… grapefruit and vodka sorbet! He offered me a sample and before I knew it, the sorbet was gone. There was a hint of vodka and small chunks of grapefruit that gave a wonderful, fresh taste. I was hooked! I can’t wait to try the burnt caramel sea salt gelato next!
Being from France, Jean-Noel is a pretty tough critic when it comes to baguettes. After all, it is the French who created this style of bread. We’ve purchased baguettes from all over the Buffalo area, and none seem to meet his criteria. Therefore, he was quite hesitant when we purchased one of Dolci’s baguettes to have with dinner. Well, I am happy to say that Jean-Noel was pleasantly surprised with its crunchiness and natural yeast flavors. It is possible to impress the French guy, after all.

This post was written by Jean-Noël Schilling