end of wine pocket

All good things comes to an end

Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened

The wine pocket experience is now over, this for us to take up next challenges.

keep up the good wines !

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Home computer Sciences And Knowledge Technologies

(Posted on October 5, 2017)

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Our last tastings

WineryName of WineVintage
Château Puech HautPrestige Blanc2011
Château Puech HautTête de Bélier Rosé2011
Château Puech HautLe Loup du Pic2011
Château Prieuré les ToursGraves blanc - Cuvée clara2008
Jean BeckerRiesling2010
Vincent DelaporteSancerre2009
André LurtonChâteau Coucheroy Blanc2007
Champagne DéhuMillésime2000
Veuve J.LanaudCuvée Marie-Joséphine-
Veuve J.LanaudChampagne Brut Carte Blanche-
Christian BriardCuvée Rubis-